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Where Is The Pickaxe In Sims Freeplay Winter Wonderland

Where Is The Pickaxe In Sims Freeplay Winter Wonderland, Find the pickaxe - The Sims Freeplay, 726.56 kB, 00:31, 14,242, Elfandre Juliano, 2020-05-05T15:30:29.000000Z, 19, The Sims Freeplay- The Secret Winter Wonderland Quest – The Girl Who Games,, 598 x 724, jpeg, Death is a feature in sims freeplay that you unlock in the life dreams & legacies quest. The player is first introduced to this feature when they are forced to sacrifice a sim, leaving behind. You can find the axe on the fence that is opposite to the portal where the sims come and go. There is a room across the portal shaped as a castle. , 20, where-is-the-pickaxe-in-sims-freeplay-winter-wonderland, GAMERSTOAST