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What Is The Scar In Lord Of The Flies

What Is The Scar In Lord Of The Flies, Scar Island Lord of the flies, 1.42 MB, 01:02, 30, Viktoria Tako, 2018-04-13T01:19:53.000000Z, 19, PPT - Lord of the Flies PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID:2435244,, 1024 x 768, jpeg, What is the scar that is repeatedly mentioned and how is it symbolic in lord of the flies? The scar is the damage done to the jungle by the plane wreckage. It serves as a reminder of the boys’ forced presence on the island, as their crash has permanently changed the appearance of the island. It serves as a symbol for evil as well. , 20, what-is-the-scar-in-lord-of-the-flies, GAMERSTOAST