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What Does Red On Deck In Yachting Mean

What Does Red On Deck In Yachting Mean, I Cannot Serve That to Guests | Below Deck Mediterranean's Biggest Kitchen Disasters, 12.77 MB, 09:18, 1,560,456, Bravo, 2020-02-02T16:00:07.000000Z, 19, Red Lifebuoy, Fixed On Deck Of The Yacht Stock Photo - Image of,, 1300 x 957, jpeg, What does a shot mean in yachting? Each shot is 15 fathoms/90 feet, and is marked by a red link in the chain. When anchoring the skipper will tell the deck crew “give me two shots” or whatever else is appropriate, and they will watch the marks and make it so. Flaking a sail is the process of folding the sail back and forth upon itself like the blades on a paper fan. , 20, what-does-red-on-deck-in-yachting-mean, GAMERSTOAST