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Liar Game

Liar Game, How To NOT LOSE $1,000,000 In Liar Game 2, 47.56 MB, 34:38, 187,661, Cinema Summary, 2022-07-10T14:45:01.000000Z, 19, Liar Game (TV Series 2014-2014) — The Movie Database (TMDb),, 600 x 900, jpeg, Season 2 (ライアーゲーム シーズン2) is the second season of the japanese television drama series liar game, adapted from a popular manga, known as the liar game. In april 2009, a second season of the drama adaptation and a live action movie were announced. Kanzaki nao is an honest college student who receives a hundred million yen one day, along with a card saying she has been chosen to take part in the liar game. The aim of the game is to trick the other players out of their hundred million dollars. , 8, liar-game, GAMERSTOAST