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How Long Can Turtles Stay Out Of Water

How Long Can Turtles Stay Out Of Water, How Long Aquatic Turtles be Out or Water, 2.27 MB, 01:39, 13,366, House Plant Geeks, 2018-07-25T13:37:57.000000Z, 19, PPT - Journey of the Sea Turtle PowerPoint Presentation - ID:218250,, 1024 x 768, jpeg, Turtles can last days out of the water, but if your talking about a pet most pet shops suggest dont leave them out of water for more than 30min. Quora user decades in the hvac industry at all. A healthy adult turtle can stay out of the water for up to two weeks, granted that they remain moist. Young, elderly, or sick turtles are not as resilient to stress and could only last a few days. , 20, how-long-can-turtles-stay-out-of-water, GAMERSTOAST