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Grizzly Man Audio

Grizzly Man Audio, Grizzly Man (Audio of Bear Attack), 2.56 MB, 01:52, 4,033,404, tolanstout, 2012-11-06T07:05:04.000000Z, 19, EL AUDIO DE TIMOTHY TREADWELL - YouTube,, 1280 x 720, jpeg, The grizzly man is a documentary by werner herzog, in it the man the documentary is about, is killed by a bear, which the audio was recorded on the camera he was holding, but was purposefully left out of the documentary and has only been heard by werner herzog, i think the tape is either in a safe or has been destroyed i cant really remember sorry. During the bear attack that killed timothy treadwell on the 5th of october, 2003 a 6 minute recording was made from his camera however the lens cap was on so no video was captured, only audio. The camera was recovered and the found footage of the grizzly man’s death was given to a close friend of treadwell. The audio clip above is supposedly a cut from the tape the couple gets mauled by the bear. , 8, grizzly-man-audio, GAMERSTOAST