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Green Hair From Pool

Green Hair From Pool, THE POOL TURNED MY HAIR GREEN! // A Remedy For Swimmer's Hair, 16.59 MB, 12:05, 21,937, Kristen McDow, 2019-08-12T15:00:01.000000Z, 19, Laughing Brunette Woman Standing At Pond Stock Image - Image of green,, 957 x 1300, jpeg, Not enough chlorine too much cyanuric acid (cya) high ph level high phosphate level not enough filtration not enough chlorine algae growth turns a pool green, and algae grows when pool water lacks chlorine. A pool’s free chlorine level should be between two and four parts per million. If you’ve been swimming for a while, you’ve probably noticed some light hair such as blond hair may turn green when swimming in a pool. The reason why dyed blond hair or natural blond hair turns green is that when there’s copper in the water, hair absorbs it and then the chlorine in the water causes the copper to react producing small oxidation damage to hair. , 8, green-hair-from-pool, GAMERSTOAST