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Famous Movie Quotes Funny

Famous Movie Quotes Funny, Top 10 Funniest Movie Quotes of All Time, 18.49 MB, 13:28, 2,179,270,, 2016-10-16T14:30:03.000000Z, 19, Love this movie & quote: BLOW | Blow quotes, Favorite movie quotes,, 517 x 800, jpeg, Emmett brown, 'back to the future' (1985). I wanna see your baby browns! Young dorothy gale and her dog are swept away by a tornado from their kansas farm to the magical land of oz, and embark on a quest with three new friends to see the wizard, who can return her to her home and fulfill the others' wishes. See which one of the quotes from the old flicks you adore the most. , 8, famous-movie-quotes-funny, GAMERSTOAST