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Can You Use 1 1/2 Pipe For Shower Drain

Can You Use 1 1/2 Pipe For Shower Drain, Problems pluming a shower drain., 8.29 MB, 06:02, 11,028, Do it Yourself, 2020-03-11T03:29:05.000000Z, 19, Can You Use A 1-1/2 Inch Pipe for Shower Drain? (Find Out Now,, 768 x 513, jpeg, I agree that sometimes you just can't follow the code to the letter and 1 1/2 is fine for the shower but doing it the way it was done is a mistake. Not only do you have a built in spot for catching everything solid like hair which in turn will catch everything else, you made it harder for the poor guy that goes to unstop the drain when it. It may seem like a small one and not sufficient for many of us. However, the local building codes and shower drain size code can differ in some states and cities. , 20, can-you-use-1-12-pipe-for-shower-drain, GAMERSTOAST